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We hope we’ve provided you with all the information you need. However, below are some answers to our most asked questions.

How often can you visit?

Our team can visit daily or weekly, or perhaps when any usual support network is unavailable. We can spend as long as required with clients. Please get in touch and we can create a bespoke package based on each individual client and their requirements.

Where do you operate?

We are based in Cheltenham but are happy to travel to the surrounding towns and villages. Contact us to find out if we cover your area.

Are your staff trained and background checked?

All staff have comprehensive training, previous experience and an enhanced clear DBS check, alongside employment and character references’.

Will it be the same companion visiting?

Consistency and continuity are very important to us and our clients, so we do our very best to ensure you have the same small team of companions visiting your loved ones.

Are The Bespoke Life pet friendly?

Yes! We know that the furry friends in our lives are more like family, our companions are happy to support with our clients’ pets.

Do The Bespoke Life companions wear uniforms?

Our companions do not wear uniforms or branded work clothing. The Bespoke Life ask that companions follow our simple, smart dress code guidelines. We hope that this creates a relaxed friendly relationship between client and companion.

Will we be able to trust the companion?

We know how worrying it can be welcoming somebody new into the home, so we only employ those that we feel comfortable to have in our own homes.

We carefully match our clients and companions to ensure compatibility in personality, hobbies, and interests, so that there is strong trusting bond between them to ensure the service works for everyone. All our companions are fully DBS checked, have previous references carried out before commencing with us, as well as regularly spot checked and reviewed by our management team.

Our companions are compassionate, kind individuals of whom we are most proud. We schedule a complimentary ‘Meet and Greet’ in advance of the first booked visit, so the companion can be approved by the client and to ensure that everyone is happy and comfortable with one another.

Will having a companion affect my loved one’s independence?

Our clients’ happiness and independence are paramount. The Bespoke Life are here to assist in day-to-day activities and tasks, and we are here to promote our client’s independence through them being in control of their decisions. The Bespoke Life is not a care company, we are simply a helping hand, personal assistant, and friend, here when and where required.

Can you tell me about your service plans?

We work with our clients to create a detailed service plan ensuring that their needs and requirements are met. The service plan is regularly reviewed by the client / representative and The Bespoke Life to ensure that the service provided meets all requirements. Individual service plans are available to view at any time, by securely accessing the client online portal.

How much do you charge?

You can experience our Companionship and Support service from as little as £28 per hour.

We charge 45p a mile mileage for journeys carried out for, or with clients during visits.  We charge mileage for client visits 8 miles or more from our office address.

What do other people say about your service?

We are delighted to have many positive reviews.

Please read a small selection below.

Read our reviews

What happens during the initial consultation?

Our in person initial consultation gives everyone the opportunity to ask any further questions following the initial enquiry made over the phone / email.
We ask various questions about the support the client requires, their hobbies and interests, their day-to-day routines, medical questions, mobility and more. This gives The Bespoke Life a more in-depth overview of how we can support our clients safely. By finding out a little more about our client’s hobbies and interests in the first instance, we can accurately match them with a companion.

We will also ask to do a preliminary risk assessment of the property by asking to take a little look around. Our clients and companions’ safety are paramount, carrying out this assessment allows early identification of any risks and enables early discussions with our client. It helps prevents accidents and demonstrates our compliance with our policies and procedures.

How does your referral process work?

Please click here to see our 4-step process.

4-step process

Tell me more about the online portal?

With our online portal you will have complete clarity over your companionship experience.

With a simple login and unique password you will be granted access to a wealth of information including:

  • The log notes from the companion with details of each visit.
  • A clear visit schedule means your always in the loop, no matter where you are.
  • Document such as service plans and contracts are stored securely on the portal and are accessible when required.
  • Visit requests or questions can easily be communicated through the portal.

We are committed to transparency and connectivity, especially for families who can’t always be nearby.

Contact us to learn more about our seamless communication.

Get in touch

Still have a question?

No problem. Send us a message and we will get back to you.

Each day I am happy to see my companion, when they don’t come at weekends I miss them and feel blue.

Mrs P, Leckhampton

I love her sense of humour, she’s my kind of person, reminds me of when I was young.

Mrs M, Winchcombe

My dad ‘looks forward’ to appointments at the hospital / doctors. He get to see his ‘ladies’.

Mr S, Cheltenham

My companion and our outings enables me to be independent.

Mrs B, Prestbury

You girls have such a kind nature about you and it’s wonderful that you take the time to listen to me and always go above and beyond. Nothing ever seems too much to ask.

Mrs P, Cheltenham

Having my companion for a while now I have always found that she does a very professional job. She’s totally trustworthy with a very sunny personality.

Mr T, Cheltenham

They always listen to what I’ve got to say and empathise whatever may be. I love to chat to them, it always brightens my day.

Mrs D, Winchcombe